”I always have a picture in my mind when composing, and follow its lines." - Ludwig von Beethoven

This season, PROJECT: MUSIC HEALS US will collaborate with Vista Life Innovations and artist Samantha Listorti to bring to Vista Life students a series of "paint-night" concerts that journey into the heart and mind of Ludwig von Beethoven. Through an exploration of his intimate string quartet repertoire and personal journals, each paint-night will feature one aspect of Beethoven's struggle with disability and the tools he drew upon to ultimately find personal triumph.  

Jan 16th, 2019 - PAINT NIGHT #1

Early Quartets + Earhorn on music

"A Higher Goal: Beethoven & The Power of His Gift"

Beethoven's life could be seen as a cluster of obstacles.  Familial abuse, financial woes, and an often fraught social life - not to mention his well-known hearing loss.  But that's not the end of the story. In this program, the Solera Quartet will explore the early development of this great artist as he engaged with his struggles, wrestled within himself, and ultimately came out the other side with a ferocious belief in his abilities and a sense of purpose for his artistic voice.

Jan 23rd, 2019 - PAINT NIGHT #2

 Middle Quartets + Heiligenstadt Nature scene

"Here Shall I Learn Wisdom: Beethoven & The Natural World"

A lifelong city-dweller, Beethoven yearned for the great outdoors - a spiritual sanctuary for him as his hearing eroded.  To this end, he often fled to the countryside in search of wisdom, refuge, and peace, and these nature retreats inspired many of his greatest works.  In this program, the Solera Quartet will share several of these works, interwoven with personal stories from Beethoven's walks in the forest.


Late Quartets

"Portraits of Beethoven"

Join the Solera Quartet as they celebrate the genius and triumph of one of the most renowned composers in history: Ludwig von Beethoven. Whilst performing string quartet repertoire taken from Beethoven's revered "late period," surrounded by the artwork created by the participants of the "Portraits of Beethoven" Vista Life Innovations Paint Night Series, the Solera Quartet will relay the fascinating life story of a man both blessed with and tormented by genius and disability - and how he ultimately transcended it all to find peace.